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Are you looking for newTELnet for the Nokia 9200?

Are you looking for the terminal emulation for the remote dial-in?

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We offer complete web services including planning, designing, programming and hosting. An important part of our marketing support is to help you portray yourself to your customers as a professional company. They should understand your benefits and sales advantages immediately, directly from your website.

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We want to understand your business model and your sales concept for the web presence. During discussions prior to final agreement we will present at least two concepts on which to base a project on.
 NewNet-Marketing Announcements
 08.12.2002 - newTELnet 9200 Version 3.01. Now with TraceRoute and PING.
 02.06.2002 - newDATA9200 Version 1.01 announced. The GSM Modem for the 9210/9290

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