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Are you looking for newTELnet for the Nokia 9300 or 9500?

Are you looking for the terminal emulation for the remote dial-in?

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Software Registration.  
NewNet-Marketing offers you the possibility to register online, so your order can be processed quicker and you can gain the comfort of our easy online shop. Payments will be made using the well-known online-payment company Paypal. Please check their web-site, or contact us if you have any worries about your payment security.

*IMEI = To read your IMEI please enter "*#06#" on your phone keypad

You can register here, at one of our world-wide partners web-sites. Further information: Registration information

If you are concerned about purchasing online, just send an e-mail to and we will find another solution.

Register here for the Sony-Ericsson P800
 newDIALin P800  IMEI*:   Fee 19.99
 name for registration:     
 newTELnet P800  IMEI*:   Fee 19.99
 name for registration:     
Register here for the Nokia Communicator 9300/9500
 newDIAL95  IMEI*:   Fee 24.99
 name for registration:     
 newTEL95  IMEI*:   Fee 24.99
 name for registration:     
Register here for the Nokia Communicator 9210i/9290
 newDIALin9200  IMEI*:   Fee 19.99
 name for registration:     
 newTELnet9200  IMEI*:   Fee 19.99
 name for registration:     
 newDATA9200  IMEI*:   Fee 19.99
 name for registration:     

Register software or buy here for Psion Series 5, NetBook, or Series7 products.

 Console cable
 Serial Cable for Psion 5, 5mx, 5mxPro,  
 NetBook, Series 7. Suitable for all Cisco
  Fee 29
 routers and switches with RJ45 console
 port connectors. Packaging and shipping 8. 
 newTELnet for
      Fee 9.99
 name for registration:     
 newTELnet for
      Fee 9.99
 name for registration:     
 flyTERM       Fee 9.99
 name for registration:     

 NewNet-Marketing Announcements
 03.07.2005 - newTEL95 Version 1.03. Now with Bluetooth Serial support.

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