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Information about Registration..  
All NewNet Marketing software products are "fully functional shareware". This means that you can download the application that you want to test and install it on your PDA, or smart phone. When started, the program will show you how many days you still have left to fully test it, and it will occasionally remind you about registering with pop-up windows.

The important thing for NewNet Marketing is that you can check out the application fully before having to make the decision whether it is useful to you, or not.

Should you decide that you want to continue to use the application, then you will need to register it with NewNet Marketing. You will need to tell (probably via the registration partner) us your name, and for the Nokia Communicator its unique identification number - the IMEI. You will then receive from NewNet Marketing via e-mail the registration code that can be entered directly into the application under the "tools"/"registration" menu. Your name will now appear on the front screen of the application, as "registered".

There are various different types of registration codes, and we will list them here:

- The Single-User code
This code is issued for one person on a specific PDA (via the IMEI number). To make the registration as simple as possible, this is normally done on-line via one of our registration partners who will allow you to use credit cards, etc. to pay for the registration. If you do not wish to use a credit card, or would prefer to register directly with NewNet Marketing please send an email to, and we will help make other arrangements.

NewNet Marketing works with the following on-line companies:

Handango Handango
Regsoft Regsoft
Software-market Nokia
My-communicator My Communicator Mobile2DAY

- Pre-Paid code
If your company knows that it will want a certain number of registrations (e.g. 10) of products within a specified category for its employees, etc. in the next year, then it can pay for a one-off "pre-paid" registration. The costs are much lower than buying the equivalent number of licenses individually, and the process is much simpler. Your company will receive a "pre-paid" certificate from NewNet Marketing, and can then call up the registrations as and when they are needed. A very simple process reducing the purchasing overheads in your company, and allowing a maximum of flexibility. If you are interested in a "pre-paid" code for your company please send an e-mail to

- Campus Code
Companies that need a large number of registrations (e.g. 100-200) of a specific application, will not want to have to issue and enter individual codes for each PDA. These companies can make use of the Campus registration. This special registration code is not dependent on the IMEI, and can therefore be used within the campus up to the maximum agreed with NewNet Marketing. If your company has a need for a "Campus Code" for the NewNew Marketing SW products, please send an email to If you have any questions relating to registration issues we would be pleased to help you. Please send an email to

Standard NewNet Marketing Software License

 NewNet-Marketing Announcements
 03.07.2005 - newTEL95 Version 1.03. Now with Bluetooth Serial support.

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