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Are you looking for newTELnet for the Nokia 9300/9500?

Are you looking for the terminal emulation for the remote dial-in?

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Marketing outsourcing
or how can NewNet Marketing help you achieve your goals?
You have developed a new marketing strategy, perhaps NewNet Marketing helped you with this. Now we can take the responsibility of implementing it. NewNet Marketing can for this time take on the role of a company employee, if this helps the implementation.

To implement this new strategy, we need a lot of expertise.

NewNet Marketing
can be of assistance
by utilising its large network of marketing
contacts to implement PR,
event organisation, marcom, etc.
"You need marketing support now, and not in a few months."
NewNet Marketing can step in now
and start implementingyour marketing
strategy together with you today.

When the marketing responsibilities are transfered to
a company employee, it is important that a planned
transition take place.

NewNet Marketing will actively work you to make the transition a success.
 NewNet-Marketing Announcements
 03.07.2005 - newTEL95 Version 1.03. Now with Bluetooth Serial support.

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