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NewTELnet P800

NewTELnet P800 is a TELNET terminal emulator for the Sony-ericsson P800 or P900 series. The terminal engine, and user interface are based on the successful PSION and Communicator products. NewTELnet P800 is widely used by systems and network managers to access their equipment remotely, and for this reason it also includes a PING engine.

The user can therefore test the network connectivity and performance using the same application that he later uses to log into the host. The TELNET and PING connections are made via the standard TCP/IP stack built into the mobile telephone which allows GPRS or GSM to be used.

NewTELnet P800 Users are often responsible for large networks, and systems and need extra tools to help them manage their networks. The PING function in newTELnet P800 gives the user a analysis of the response time to a specific host in the network.

One of the most important design considerations was ease of use, for this reason the buttons can be configured by the user to allow easy entry of standard texts, or even program functions. A standard text, or escape sequence is entered in a very simple form, during which any control character can also be easily entered. By doing this the user can enter complex commands with a single menu click.

NewTELnet P800 stores the last ten remote internet addresses connected to, to help the user easily select different hosts without having to enter their addresses for each connection. The user just clicks on the entry, and the connection is immediately started using the correct protocol i.e. PING or TELNET.

The P800 screen is much smaller than its terminal counterpart. This typically results in the user having to scroll backwards and forwards to see the complete screen. Normal scrollbars can be used for this.
Another possibility, which can ease data entry is the "follow" cursor function. When this is selected, the program will automatically scroll to follow the cursor. Depending on the program running on the host, this can be an advantage or not. For this reason, this function is normally placed on one of the buttons to allow simple activation, or deactivation.

NewTELnet P800 supports all standard ANSI, VT2xx, VT100, VT52, TVI950, WSYE 60 and ADM3A escape sequences. The following codepages can be selected: ISO88591, IBM1252, UTF7, UTF8, GB12345 and GB2312.

NewTELnet P800 can be downloaded and fully tested for free. It is fully functional, but will remind the user at regular intervals that he should register. After 30 Days it will expire, and not allow any more connections to be made. The registration can be made simply via one of the registration partners.

Languages: English, German

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