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flyTERM Description

FlyTERM, the terminal emulator, is the ideal tool for the system manager to access his system remotely. He does not need to be near his office, or even have a power plug near him. He just uses the flyTERM terminal emulator to communicate over a mobile telephone using either InfraRed (IrDa) or serial directly to his modem attached to the system. FlyTERM has been fully tested with all the standard LINUX utilities, and supports all the major escape sequences. The flyTERM terminal emulator from flyingDATA for the PSION Series 5, 5mx, 5mxPRO, Revo, NetBook, Ericsson 218, and Geofox One, gives you remote access to your system over your Mobiletelephone.

The connection can be over the Infrared port communicating directly with a IrDa compliant Mobiletelephone, or over the serial link communicating with an external GSM-adapter card.You can print directly via flyTERM if your host sends the correct MC5, amd MC4 sequences. The port that is not being used for the connection will be automatically selected for the printer.It is compliant to all the important ANSI, VT100, VT2xx, VT52, TVI950, and ADM3A escape sequences and is therefore ideal to access a remote LINUX, or any other UNIX system. FlyTERM has been fully tested against most "escape sequence heavy" applications, eg. Top - the system display, Joe - the editor, Pine the E-Mail client. The screen on the PDA is typically smaller than the complete terminal screen, and this will mean that the user must scroll to be able read all the screen content. This can be done via the scrollbars, or by dragging the screen with the pen. To scroll using the pen, touch the pen on the main window, and then drag it in the direction that the scroll should be done. When the pen is lifted the screen will then scroll in the required direction. The input data received, and transmitted can be dumped into a trace file, for a complete analyse of the data in the event of nonstandard sequences.

This data can be stored either in a easily read readable format, or in an image copy of the received data. This second form allows the file to be used for a replay at a later date. FlyTERM, in addition to supporting the entry of control characters, also allows direct entry of F1 to F10 function keys. To ease the entry of standard text blocks, these can be stored in FlyTERM for direct entry. The toolbar can be setup to give shortcut entry of up to 3 (2 on Revo) user selectable function keys, or the stored texts. An additional buttonbar can also be set for 5 additional direct entry functions. The sixth button is assigned to enable/disable the auto-cursor function. FlyTERM is available as a shareware programme in english, french, and german. The shareware version is fully functional with an additional information screen blended in when going online. This screen disappears after the registration code has been entered.

Size: 50KB
Languages: English, German
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