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Marketing consulting
or how can NewNet Marketing help you achieve your goals?
The European market is expanding fast, the differences between individual countries is, however, still pronounced. To build your business in these countries, a good knowledge of the market in that specific country is needed. NewNet Marketing can help you to construct your marketing plan and thus your business model to take advantage of the country business style.

The distribution and reseller channels in Germany are certainly different to those in USA, and as other things in Europe, slightly different to other European countries. The selection of the right partners for your new developing area will affect your business development prospects in a major way. NewNet Marketing has many years experience dealing with German hi-tech channels, and can help avoid many pitfalls.

Channel programs will help improve the focus on your products by your channel partners. However, to achieve a good and stable revenue climb, whilst maintaining the profitablity, a mixture of "push" marketing programs for the channel are needed, together with "pull" programs to increase the customer's interest.
"Marketing is not just the name of a department, it is a strategy that must applied by every employee in the company. Also, marketing employees must have a good technological understanding of their market. NewNet Marketing understands the networking, and PDA markets, and can help your company make the right product decisions for the German market."
The decision where to set up the initial office in a new country is often left to chance, and afterwards it affects the development of the business for a considerable time.
NewNet Marketing
can help you make the right decision, and support you during the hiring of staff.

You need employees who beleive, and support your company. NewNet Marketing can help you train, and vitalise your staff - not only in Germany.
 NewNet-Marketing Announcements
 03.07.2005 - newTEL95 Version 1.03. Now with Bluetooth Serial support.

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